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A usual guy
The Last Man on Earth is a fantastic comedy that tells about an ordinary guy who was left on the planet all by himself. He lived the most ordinary life, he had a family and a job which he did not like. Phil Miller worked in a bank and disliked it, that place, his colleagues. One day they all disappeared. There was no one around. The family of Bill, his colleagues, friends, acquaintances – all disappeared. The streets are empty, Phil is the only one left on Earth after an unknown catastrophe.

Near future
Events take place in 2022. You can imagine the euphoria in which the person is when he realizes that he left alone. He can use anything, go anywhere, go for shopping and take whatever he likes. In addition, all cars, houses and beautiful buildings are at his disposal. Phil sings in an empty stadium, imagining that the stands are full. He entertains himself as he can because he does not need to go to work anymore. In general, he does not need to do anything. The Last Man on Earth is his own master.

In search of a man
Still Phil Miller is puzzled: he is trying to find someone else, because he could not have been alone. The protagonist goes on a trip to the cities to find someone. Empty streets and houses, roads and bridges are the striking sights of this series. Maybe the protagonist will be able to find someone else because he is so trying and traveling around the country for one single purpose.

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