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The comedy series will present us an unbelievable story about the girl named Eleanor, who gets up in a strange unfamiliar place. After it, Eleanor is surprised to find out that she is dead. Unable to contain her curiosity, she finds out that a truck hit her. Her ex-lover is the first paramedic who saw her in this state.

Anyway, the main character is lucky because she is here, at “the good place”. There is infinite happiness here, because only selected people get here. They were an example to follow and did only good deeds. Suddenly, Eleanor understood that she was here because of an absurd accident. She has never been a good girl. Actually, she does not deserve to stay in such a wonderful world with her way of life, as well as a defiant behavior. Therefore, she starts to worry about what will happen when she is exposed, because besides “the good place”, there is also “the bad one”, but she does not want to be there at all. Her gray-haired friend helps her. Will they be able to change her character, feelings and stay at the good place forever?

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