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Work for All
The series Superstore will show the system which we encounter quite often. Everyone who goes shopping in such stores pays attention to those who work there. It would seem that their working day is a continuous routine. Spread the goods, add missing bottles, weigh fruits and another hundred uninteresting activities that need to be performed on a daily basis. As a rule, people who cannot find anything else are hired to work in the market. The reasons can be different: age, education, children – anything. And yet behind these unremarkable occupations lies the full life of events.

All so different
The store staff are people between which there is almost nothing in common. Each of their working days turns into something fantastic. In the hypermarket you can find everything including adventure. The Superstore series will reveal the secrets of work in this field and introduce the audience to a specific team. To monitor the actions of sellers, consultants and receivers is much more interesting than it may seem at first glance. Not a day passes without incident. In any team there are those who are not happy with the management or employees.

Relations with colleagues
Thanks to the amazing difference in the characters of workers the Superstore series turned out to be not only entertaining but also funny. On the territory of a huge store you can live a lifetime. That is what the main characters are doing. Their shifts are not just a break in life, but a real life. Everyday life is full of events including scandalous ones. They cannot escape from them and since they came to such a job they must endure those who are always in the way. Working among hundreds of people is quite difficult because they all constantly want to ask or find out something about you.

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