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Lovely little town
The events of the TV series Riverdale are based on comics about a cheerful teenager. Archie Andrews is a high school student. He studies, plays in his own group, and in his free time he entertains, like all the guys of his age. The guy loves to have fun and never is upset. That is why many girls like him. He himself likes two different girls at the same time. They are his neighbour Batty Cooper and the charming beauty Veronica Lodge. In a tiny town everyone knows about their friendship because there is nothing to hide.
Against boredom
In a small village like Riverdale life has a special rhythm. From the outside it seems that everything here is just great – the city is in harmony and goodwill. And yet the residents themselves know that this is an erroneous opinion. Behind the bright and beautiful picture of well-being lies the most real skeletons in the closet. Each family has a secret that it dreams to keep forever. However, the adolescents decided to invade foreign territory and learn everything that is hidden.
Other’s secrets
Dark matters always attract attention, so Archie and her friends decided to have fun too. In the series Riverdale the schoolchild company takes up mystical incidents and mysterious events that lead to specific people. It seems that town will never have the rest again, because Andrews will not stop halfway. He is not frightened by anything, and the secrets only excite the blood and push the group forward. After the murder of Jason Blossom – the best pupil of the school nothing will be the same.

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