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Detective adventures
Ray Donovan is an American TV series that was named after the main character of the project played by Liv Schreiber. Ray specializes in solving the problems of famous and rich personalities who do not want to publicize their problems to the people. Donovan eliminates traces of crime, evidences etc. Donovan’s business is going very well but only until his father Mickey Donovan leaves the prison. Is there really going to be an active rivalry between two representatives of the stronger sex? Mickey wants revenge on his son who once sent him to jail. Junior Donovan has other plans for his father: he wants to find evidences against him and again put him in jail as soon as possible. Who will win this unequal struggle

Desperate fight
You can watch Ray Donovan to find out how the events will develop further. Family problems are mixed with business at work and Ray urgently needs to do something about it. Maybe he will offer his father to participate in a profitable transaction? The problems are getting bigger with each episode. Ray constantly quarrels with his wife who starts tantrums for everything. In addition, Ray cannot find a common language with his brothers. Will he be able to establish better relations with his relatives? What kind of sacrifices will he has to do for this?

Family quarrels
No one thought that the release of Mickey from prison would lead to so many problems. Every main character of the series Ray Donovan has something with what he has to put up. Start watching the Ray Donovan right now to find out what will happen.

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