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Office plankton
Powerless – a comedy about the world, where superheroes are commonplace and usual things. They are fighting the villains in front of ordinary people. And all this would be fabulous and fun but such battles lead to serious destruction. People are defenceless against beings with superpowers. When they are fighting the houses are crumbling, cars are scattering, glasses are falling out. It is high time they started to protect ourselves from all this. It is these responsibilities that the company “Wayne Security” took over. The insurance department of it is headed by Emily Locke.

Compensation for damage
It is Emily who compensates customers for the damage caused to their property by the battles of good and evil. In the series Powerless superheroes themselves appear only sporadically and the central figures of history are the employees of the office. Funny Teddy helps Emily in everything, acting as her confidant. Del is the head of the company whom Lok dislikes for initiative and energy. Her new ideas only hinder him but the girl does not back down. She’s serious about superheroes and her work. In addition, she sympathizes to defenceless townspeople.

Superpower for everyone
Mutants do not even notice that they endanger people. Once in the centre of one such battle happens to be Emily herself. Events caught her on the train, where there were other passengers. Although they witnessed a war of good and evil, they were terribly frightened. Lok tooks the matter into her own hands and becomes a real hero for ordinary citizens. To do this, she did not need a suit, wings, or spider webs. Audience will be convinced that the benefits for society can be brought even by an office worker.

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