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Man of my dreams
The series Outlander is based on the book by Diane Gabldon. A touching and incredibly romantic story, which became a bestseller in 1991, has already conquered millions of readers’ hearts around the world. Now it will appear in front of the audience in the form of screening. You will feel yourself in another epoch.
The main heroine of the story is Claire Randall, who worked as a nurse during the Second World War. She has everything: her beloved husband Frank, who serves in British intelligence, has incredible plans for the future and dreams. Fate decides to give Claire a mysterious adventure into the past where she meets the man of her dreams.
1743 year
After the end of World War II, Claire returned to a peaceful life with her husband, Frank. They decide to go on their second honeymoon to Scotland. Frank was always interested in learning about his ancestors. Perhaps, this time he will be lucky to find some useful information. Accidental touch to the stone from the ancient sanctuary – and now the girl is already making an incredible journey from the 20th century to 18! How can this be? Is there any logical explanation for this event? The main heroine in panic: what to do? How to be?
She has to live with the fact that she is in the past! Claire is witnessing a bloody civil war, which in 1743 broke out in Scotland. She will meet a man named Jamie. Would he break her heart? Serious feelings will certainly break out between them! Start watching the fascinating series Outlander right now!

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