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The Fox channel decided to release TV series Lethal Weapon. This is comedy-drama series in which tells of two famous police of the film “Lethal Weapon”.

Martin Riggs is a former military man who recently lost his pregnant wife. He moves to California to start a new life or end it. Without difficulty, Martin is being arranged in the police station, where his partner became is an experienced detective Roger Murtaugh. Not so long ago, Roger returned to the work after a heart attack. Between them constantly there are contradictions, since Roger is not satisfied with the insane suicidal actions of the partner. This behavior poses a threat to the lives of both partners. Murtaugh is not ready to part with his life, as his wife and children are waiting for him at home. But after a while the partners become not only good friends, but also a real threat to the criminal world. They are a great team and a strong “Lethal Weapon”.

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